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The Maelstrom is no longer just a danger in LEGO Universe! Join today! P.S. We are a neutral army.


Lord Maelstrom [FULL]

Lord Maelstrom is the evil leader of the Maelstrom organization and will stop at nothing to destroy the ADU and their allies.

Maelstrom Horseman Invader [FULL]

Maelstrom horsemen invader

A Maelstrom Horse Invader.

Maelstrom Horseman Invaders are the elite of the Maelstrom's forces and are rarely seen in battles, but when they make an appearance, all enemies flee in terror.

Dark Ones (5x)

Dark One

A Dark One.

The Dark Ones are the basic unit in the Maelstrom and are one of the original members of it.

Corrupted Sentry (5x)

Corrupted Sentry

A Corrupt Sentry

Corrupted Sentries were security robots onboard Venture Explorer ships, but when the ships were captured the Maelstrom turned them to their side. They are used to guard key Maelstrom locations.

Ronin Invader (5x)

Ronin invader

A Ronin Invader.

Ronin Invaders were samurais from the Ninja theme that were captured and corrupted by the Maelstrom.

Maelstrom Dragon [FULL]

Maelstrom Dragon

A Maelstrom Dragon.

The Maelstrom Dragon is a powerful large creature used by the Maelstrom in battle when the odds are against them. The Dragon feeds on dead corpses of enemies.

Maelstrom Ninja (5x)

Maelstrom ninja

A Maelstrom Ninja.

Maelstrom Ninjas are ninjas from the Ninja theme that have been captured and corrupted by the Maelstrom. They are used for stealth operations.


Formally, the mission was to help Stringer and CMS-4 defeat the ADU, but currently we are neutral and will decide whose side to join soon.

More Positions

More positions will open once others fill up or get close to filling up.

  • Positions Planned:
    • Stromling Pirate
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