I am finally leaving FANDOM, I now feel like I have nothing to do on FANDOM, I think I feel like a WikiSenior, experienced edits, blocks, mistakes, bureaucracies, everything that an old advanced user experienced on FANDOM.

I met FANDOM as wikia in 2010, I wanted to edit so much, so, I have created this account, EinsteinBlllllllllll, on March 22, 2014, when I was only 9 years old! I am now 16 years old. I started editing on my own that I recently created at that time, later, on the SurvivalCraft official wiki, where I met Stanimus.

As a child, I loved wikis so much, especially, wikia ones, right now, I am no longer interested on editing wikis as before, so, since March 2020, I was thinking on disabling my account.

If I would someday, return to FANDOM, my new username would be Transformer32, inspired on one of my brother's fictional usernames. I created my future account by recycling my never used bot account that I was going to use it for administration purposes.

I am dying on FANDOM, editing less than before, busy with real life high school homework, busy with my martial arts class (not deportive, nor competitive), busy with my programming class, I now feel like I am distracted so much with FANDOM, even my mom does not know that I edit on FANDOM and I talk with "unknown people" on FANDOM!

Every time as now I visit a wiki, I feel like it does not need editing, and also, I need to concentrate with my accounting homework!

Did you know, back in 2013, a year before creating my account, I was planning to call it StupidCrashAndEddie, but, since when I created the account, I named it Ivan Albrieu, my real name, until I changed my username on 2015, when i renamed it to EinsteinBlllllllllll, even i don't like anymore the EinsteinBlllllllllll name, it's too hard to remember and write every time when I log in! On a few words: My real name is Ivan Albrieu, that was also, my original account name before January 9, 2015!.

I feel too old to contribute to FANDOM, I would like to go to university, but, I am still in 4th Year of High School at La Salle school on Córdoba, Argentina, watching virtual class meetings at google meet and I really need to concentrate and FANDOM is distracting me too much and I lose homework and i would never progress it if I wouldn't disable my current account. That is why i am disabling EinsteinBlllllllllll forever.

When I will be older, I would like to have a highly successful large company with subsidiaries.

Oof, this was really long to explain, glad I finished it, my longest FANDOM blog post that i ever had wrote.

I wish to leave FANDOM, as for I'm not really proud of what I've contributed on those 6 years. My life is more important than FANDOM!

That's all, Goodbye everyone guys!