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The Weekly Whispers

Hello, today is the first blog post in "The Weekly Whisper". It is a gossip blog that talks about the happenings of Brickipedia. (Note:Zero this is not a copy of you... This is completely different. & There will soon be a logo.)

Blocked or Bureaucrat?

This week, a user named I L0ve MeGA bLoKs11!!!!11!!!!1 has started an uprising with users. This forum is him asking to be a bureaucrat, even though he can't spell, his name is ridiculous, and he has 2 edits. There are users who are supporting him, which I believe they are either thinking this is a joke or immature themselves. People think things like this are bringing the wiki down. In my own opinion, I believe he should be blocked, and that forum should be deleted.


This week there has been many sockpuppets on chat -- causing not needed disturbances. I asked someone today how he thinks about it: "These people who are doing this seriously need lives and we will find out who are doing this and they will be brought to justice."


Like that forum up above, there have been some pretty unsatisfied users this week. One said: "This wiki will eventually end up like the Yugioh wiki - sad, unclean, and just plain horrible." She was a sockpuppet. Another said: "With all these people leaving, I don't want to know how this wiki will end up. I really hope more people come soon."

Abusing Powers?

A user who was kicked these week named "Clover from district two" said: "Cussing is not a crime, why do these f**king people care so much about it? Those mothaf**ckers are abusing there powers and I am not happy!". Censoring made possible by viewers like you, thank you.


Well, that is a pretty good start. Tell me what you think about this on the comments down below↓. Thanks and be sure to hear the whispers!

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