Gladiatoring Gladiatoring 23 June 2011

New Lego

What did you Buy today ?

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Gladiatoring Gladiatoring 28 March 2011


Hi, This is my Mocpages account, please have a look at the most recent upload titled "City Rebuild" any comments ideas appreciated cheers.

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Gladiatoring Gladiatoring 24 August 2010

Collectable Minifigures Series 2

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Gladiatoring Gladiatoring 29 July 2010

Modular Glad Style 2

My Modular, 3 of 25 modular buildings in my town. The Hotel and Fire Station are of course very similar to Lego models, but with subtle differences, such as the Colours used, Tower and the brickwork on the Fire Station

Image:Moc 1.JPG Image:Moc 2.JPG Image:Moc 3.JPG Image:Moc 4.JPG Image:Moc 5.JPG Image:Moc 6.JPG Image:Moc 8.JPG Image:Moc 7.JPG

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Gladiatoring Gladiatoring 3 July 2010

Fort Legoredo Glad Style

This is my Fort Legoredo, I built this fort about 3 years ago. It is placed on baseplates that span 96 x 64 studs. There are 40 Cavalry pictured, each has his horse with a brown saddle and a rifle. 20 foot soldiers and around 80 soldiers in the fort. Looking similar to the original Lego Fort, it has an added stable and barracks and other essentials for a working fort. The fort has been built using parts from 3 Fort Legoredo's. While the fort is large its not large enough to house all the horses and soldiers I own.

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