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How many edits compotion

How many edits do YOU have?

Who has the most?

Comment below on how many edits YOU have and we will see who has the most.

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Lego Charater Games: Island

1 LEGO Island 1.1 Pepper Roni 1.2 Mama Brickolini 1.3 Papa Brickolini 1.4 The Infomaniac 1.5 The Brickster 1.6 Nick Brick 1.7 Laura Brick 1.8 Bologna Roni 1.9 Mac and Sandy Roni 1.10 Rootin' Tootin' Roni 1.11 Bill Ding 1.12 Dr. Clickitt 1.13 Nubby Stevens 1.14 Nancy Nubbins 1.15 Margaret Patricia "Maggie" Post 1.16 Ed Mail 1.17 Valerie Stubbins 1.18 Snap Lockitt 1.19 Red Greenbase 1.20 Polly Gone 1.21 Shiney Doris 1.22 Bradford Brickford 1.23 Rhoda Hogg 1.24 Jack O'Trades 1.25 Mr. "DJ" Radio 1.26 Marty Snaps 1.27 Buck Pounds 1.28 Gideon Worse 1.29 Enter and Return 1.30 Studs Linkin 1.31 Dorothy and Glen Funberg 1.32 Captain D. Rom 1.33 Captain Click 1.34 Mr. Super 1.35 Mr. and Mrs. Pollywanna 1.36 The Flying Legandos 1.37 Mrs. Jingle 2 LEG…

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Hubbabubba3 Hubbabubba3 5 April 2013


Fascinating facts about the invention of LEGO bricks by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1949. LEGO® In 1932 Ole Kirk Christiansen, master carpenter and joiner in the village of Billund, Denmark, sets up business. His firm manufactures stepladders, ironing boards - and wooden toys. In 1934 the company and its products now take on the name LEGO, which is formed from the Danish words "LEgGOdt" ("play well"). In 1947 the LEGO company is Denmark's first to buy a plastic injection-molding machine for making toys. In 1949 the company produces about 200 different plastic and wooden toys, including Automatic Binding Bricks, a forerunner of the LEGO bricks we know today.  They are sold only in Denmark. In 1955 after further developing the LEGO Bricks, the…

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