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Hi I'm New in Brickpedia. I have been here half a year. I just want to say somethings that need to be done

  1. Pages with red links All pages can be seen here Category:Articles with red bricks
  2. Pages that need a cleanup or expansion can be found here Category:Brickipedia maintenance
  3. The next pages need to be created Sprite, Ikaris ,Thena Makkari,Gilgamesh, Kingo and Sersi. (Note these are all Eternals)
  4. If you are interested in Minecraft Then Brickpedia needs these pages created Drowned , Pufferfish ,Baby Pufferfish (Note this are all from set 21164 The Coral Reef Thank you for readinbg My 1st Blog Post. Please be alert for my next post called Things to do Pt2
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