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Hello Brickipedia,

I’m going to go a little outside of our normal policies on Wikia to discuss a global block here. Unfortunately, we’ve been forced to globally ban George/ToaMeiko; this was his last and final opportunity to participate on Wikia as an upstanding contributor. Both Sannse and I have had discussions with George/Toa regarding his use of Wikia to promote outside projects; I was very clear to George in an email to him that his participation on Wikia was dependant on him not violating the Wikia Terms of Use, and that in consideration of our past conversations with him, we would not warn him prior to banning him should he violate this agreement.

It’s recently come to my attention that he has violated this agreement and used Wikia to promote an outside project. To that end, his accounts have been globally banned and he will not be welcome back on Wikia under any circumstances.

We need to move past this and do hope that those who are committed to contributing to Brickipedia and keeping it as the best LEGO wiki in the land will continue to work together towards this goal. I know that George is well liked by many people and I am personally disappointed that we’ve had to take this step. Unfortunately, George wasn’t able to keep his agreement with Wikia (and this community).

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