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I was thinking, how great would it be, if LEGO released OLD Minifigures in a Minifigures series. Everybody would have old faces (yes, capt. Redbeard too). Only eyes would be new. It would feature: -Johnny Thunder -Sam Sinister -Slyboots -Gail Storm -Harry Cane -Dr. Kilroy -Capt. Redbeard -Capt. Ironhook -First Mate Rummy -Flashfork -Adm. Woodhouse + soldier -Gov. Broadside + soldier -Adm. Don Diego De Lego -Sgt. Speedy -King Kahuka -Achu -The Bat Lord + knight -Willa The Witch -...

What do you think?

Joža Bezeg - Joe Eldertree

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