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aka Jonah Pietila

  • I live in Hamilton Canada
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Lego Designer Cartoonist
  • I am a Dude
  • Jonah.pietila

    King Aztholti's armory and wardrobe info:

    shredder Masked and caped form: Warfare vampire No armor or cape: regular christmas PJs

    Funeral Outfit: hooded tuxedo and ritual staff Angel form: shredder masked wings Chima armored Fire warrior: red tank and pants fire lion sword and fire staff sochi 2014 outfit: golden sleeves blue shirt and pants american pride: red sleeves white shirt blue pants canadian pride: red sleeves and pants white shirt Final form: fire wings fire leg mask of life wedding tuxedo: all white yellow skin black obi wan hair Loving Father: Light blue shirt dark blue pants weapons and helmets: mask of life Zod ver. and iron man ver. blue and green lightsaber Chima gun Golden staff of christmas Black Valos Eagle Axe gold tomaha…

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  • Jonah.pietila

    NOTE:here are my fan made lego movie sets

    1: uni kitty got the flu. uni kitty is sick with the flu. and benny is rushing her to the bricksburg hospital. emmet lucy and bad cop are doctors. Pieces 100 includes hostpîtal room and bed. Minifigures 5 queasy kitty doctor emmet nurse lucy medical bad cop and benny.

    2:uni-kitty's ice nightmare. Uni-kitty is having a bad dream about Queen Elsa freezing her heart. Pieces 50 includes Ice Nightmare land chunk minifigures 3 Uni-kitty (scared) Queen Elsa and Marshmallow

    3: Uni-kitty and Emmet. uni-kitty and Emmet are going out on a romantic stroll and lucy is lonely. but lucy was mean to Emmet and that is why emmet loves uni-kitty Pieces:80 includes heritage park flower bed and blossom trees. minifigures…

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