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Ok, here is another RP, i was forced to release it by brix... ugh... anyway, same rules as any other RP...


  • All factions of Space.
  • Space Pirates
  • All alien species in LEGO. (Such as the "evil" aliens, insectoids, zotaxians, yetis, seatron aliens, etc.)

Oh, and by the way, here is a rule that will apply to all my RPs:

Don't be stupid, this RP is a LEGO RP, no Doctor Who or Spiderman or any of that junk, this is for LEGO stuff only. (Though, alien species or races (like in the Castle RP) are allowed, as they are legendary creatures and are real in Fantasy, and Aliens Species are real in Science Fiction)

There is no story yet, probably because i just started this blog... if you want to build a story for this RP, then start Roleplaying. :P

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