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World Yay Cake! World


Source(s): [1]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

As a promotion for the 80th birthday of LEGO (wow) if you go into any LEGO store and spend $50+ you will get a free cake to build!!! The promotion runs from August 1st-10th. Finally a good piece of LEGO food….

World Friends Brickmaster now for Preorder! World


Source(s): [2]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Yes it is true for you Friends fans, the Friends Brickmaster book is now available for preorder at The set Preorder yours here: [3]

World 10229 Winter Villiage Cottage revealed! World


Source(s): [4]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

It’s that time of year when we seee the year’s official ending set in the Seasonal theme. This year it is 10229 Winter Village Cottage which contains 1490 pieces and will cost $99.99 for the US and €89.99 for the UK. This looks like a great set might one myself might have to get…

World Leaked Image! World


Source(s): [5]

Author:Mr. Minifigure has accidentally leaked an image of the future City set 4473 Police Helicopter (like we need and more helicopters). A user at Brickset found the image and has posted it here for everyone to see: [6]

World Team GB! World

8909 alt2

Source(s): [7]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Now at you can buy a complete set of Team GB minifigures for €27.99. This insures that you will not get any duplicates and will definitely get all those Olympic athletes.

World 2013 Annual! World


Source(s): [8]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

The 2013 official LEGO annual is now available to order at for €5.99. Buy yours before they sell out!

World LOTR Artwork World


Source(s): [9]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Recently Warner Brothers has hired some artists to create some artwork for the upcoming Lord of the Rings video game. All I can say is very well done.

World Minifigures theme! World

8833 preview

Source(s): [10]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Series 8 website is now up and running! Looks like a great series that I think most are excited for. Also on the website a new music video is up called Brick of Dawn. Wow this is a great week for news...

World A revised book! World

Source(s): [11]

Author:Mr. Minifigure

Finally. On you can now order a revised edition of The LEGO Book. Wow this looks a lot better...

World Elrond! World


Source(s): [12]


Recently a French site reported that if you buy a LOTR Video Game you will get a Elrond minifigure with it! Since so many have told me this thanks to everyone that has!

World A new deal! World


Source(s): [13]


If you spend $75 plus dollars on you will get this set free: 40076 Monster Fighters DTC GWP.

World Monster Fighters DK book! World

Source(s): [14]


On you can now preorder the DK Universe Monster Fighters book! Find it here:


  • SKP4472, for most of the news on Click a Brick that I found other sources for.
  • CJC95, for the Cake report on Click a Brick.
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