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  • I live in Mirkwood
  • My occupation is Hunting orcs,giant spiders,ect
  • I am Male
  • LEGOlas

    So, it's my birthday soon!But while I was on my userpage,I realized this month is also my second-year Brickiversary!Two years...Wow,never thought I would Get this far,Thanks to everybody for helping me along the way!And this year I'm going to be more active,I'm going to try to reach 2,000 edits by July alone.So now the final thing I wanted to bring up was Admin,do you think I'm ready to be an Admin?And if you don't,could you please tell me what I need to work on?Your input would be much appreciated.Anyway thanks for reading!

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  • LEGOlas

    !!!!1000 Edits!!!!!

    October 22, 2013 by LEGOlas

    This is my 1,001th edit!!!!!

    wow.....this is a big milestone for me,I never though that I'd get this far, and I wanted to say thanks to everyone here for helping me along the way to 1,000 edits!!!

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  • LEGOlas

    (This is my first blog so try to go easy on me) OK guys this is just a heads-up about the series 8 Minifigures games that recently came out on,although we only got two this time.(Brick's Yards and Treasure's Island)

    Brick Yards is a obstacle course type game where you can be the Football player or the Red Cheerleader.The goal of the game is to collect enough trophies and fill the trophy-meter before you get to the end of the round(if you run into a brick you will lose some of your trophy-meter)

    So that's it for today folks (hope this wasn't to sloppy) see you guys later. :)

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