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  • LSCStealthNinja

    Hey guys, LSC here. I created a Brickimedia Group on MOCpages. Here's the info:

    • OK! I'll join!:
      • Thanks! You're awesome. Here's the link.

    • What's MOCpages?:
      • MOC (which stands for My Own Creations) pages is a sharing site for LEGO fans who upload their own creations. It's a great way to get your creations recognized and commended throughout the LEGO Community. You can visit the Learn More page here for more information.
    • Can I create an account?:
      • Yes, it's free! Here's the link. (Put in your email address and click "No, I am new to MOCpages."
    • I created an account. What now?:
      • Visit the help page for information on... basically everything.

    • I already invited a few of you that I know that are on MOCpages, so check your invites.
    • There's also a Brickipedia Gr…

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  • LSCStealthNinja

    Anyway, I decided to start a blog where you can request Minifigures or Sets for me to make, I'll try to make as many as I can that you guys request, but I might not be able to. So, request away!

    • Mjolnir Assault

    • Absorbing Man

    |img2=MCM_Adva.png |txt2= }}

    |img2=MCM Hawkeye.png |txt2= |img3=MCM Scientist.png |txt3= |img4=MCM Scientist 2.png |txt4= |img5=MCM SHIELD Guard.png |txt5= |img6=Fandral (Thor).png |txt6= |img7=Volstagg.png |txt7= |img8=Hogun.png |txt8= |img9=Frost Giant Loki 2.png |txt9= }}

    |img2=MCM Agent J.png |txt2= |img3=MCM Serleena.png |txt3= |img4=MCM_Edgar_Human3.png |txt4= |img5=MCM Jack Jeebs.png |txt5= }}

    • Nightcrawler (X-Men)

    • Also check out my other customs:


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  • LSCStealthNinja

    5,000 Edits!

    August 27, 2012 by LSCStealthNinja

    Woo! 5,000 edits. Yeah!

    I started a Thanks area here, but it got too long. :P Thanks to everyone here!


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  • LSCStealthNinja

    News blog 25/8/12

    August 25, 2012 by LSCStealthNinja

    With Celebration VI currently going on, lots of Star Wars information has surfaced, here's the rundown:

    • , for finding the 2013 Star Wars Link.
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  • LSCStealthNinja

    Please Note: I did NOT copy this from Legoindy. I actually started before him, it's just that this Blog was made at a later time.

    Hey guys! I'm making Marvel Minifigures based on the appearances in both the Comics and Movies.

    Series One

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