LazerzSoH LazerzSoH 19 September 2013


There's been some arguing and such lately so I just felt like saying that September 21 is World Peace Day. So can we stop annoying others purposefully and such. In fact, try and come up with a compliment for someone here. Thanks! Happy International Peace Day!

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LazerzSoH LazerzSoH 11 April 2013

The paradox of opposite day?!?!

Can I please get someone to explain this to me? Usually when people try to explain it, it comes out like MeGa's way of speech. Thanks, LazerzSoH

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LazerzSoH LazerzSoH 2 April 2013


I just had my 1st Brickiversery and was wondering if everyone could comment and leave when they joined and when how long they have been on Brickipedia in comments. Happy Brickiversery to me! :D I looked it up: I joined on February 6, 2012, with Lightsaberw who became Ebilwgrevious who died and was resurrected as Sonofhades101 who was renamed LazerzSoH... So my brickiversery was a while ago.

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LazerzSoH LazerzSoH 2 February 2013


We have Friends, Scala, and other awesome stuff... They have:

  • Barbie!
  • Why don't we get Barbie?
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LazerzSoH LazerzSoH 2 January 2013


I am homeschooled and need help managing my time. If I fail to better do this, I may need to say good bye to brickipedia. I'd really rather not do this though. Many of this wikis contributes are homeschooled to. Some of them are also major editors and edit all the time. If you are on of these people, please comment and let me know how you manage your time and editing so well. Thanks

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