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  • I live in United Kingdom
  • I was born on September 6
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  • Lcawte

    Ok, lets start, so the cabal that LEGO Lord created, you guys are really starting to get on my nerves, as quoted from whoever, we can't get anything done while you and your cabal are here.

    Ok, now, my views on foul language. I don't mind bits of it being used, in moderation, in all non-mainspace pages/community discussion pages (blogs, forums, user*, talk)... ok, if your editing Brickipedia with an account, your 13 or older, and if your viewing Brickipedia and your younger, you should be supervised, or not be on the internet unrestricted. This is the internet people. If your on unrestricted internet, your going to see swearing or whatever! And if your under 13, you really shouldn't be unsupervised unless you can deal with it. I've been usin…

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  • Lcawte

    Pirates of the Caribbean 4 LEGO! What do you think? Evidence since Comic-Con has been building up, and I'd like to talk about my views on it!

    Overall - Yes, I at this point in time, believe its real, I've done a fair amount of research into it.

    • Extract from an email (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean)
    • Pirates of the Caribbean being released in 2011! wikipedia:Pirates of the Caribbean 4
    • Prototype of Jack Sparrow - [1]
    • More threads - [2]

    There are loads more links around, that I may edit in if I get bored, but these are important ones, in my opinion.. what do you think.

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  • Lcawte

    My First Brickiversary

    May 18, 2010 by Lcawte

    If your reading this thinking, what the heck is that nub posting about this time, I'll tell you..

    Once apon a time, in an ancient land of Old Brickipedia, an n00b editor called Lcawte appeared, on the 18th May. The community put up with him, learning his way about Wikia, until suddenly, one day.. Happy First Brickiversary Lcawte!!! Yes, thats right, today marks exactly one whole year since I first joined Brickipedia! And I have to say, its been great. I've seen the wiki develop, and watched the new editors flood in, and the wiki is great! Well done Guys, and I hope to be hear for a long time!

    --Lewis Cawte (Talk - Contact)

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  • Lcawte


    May 15, 2010 by Lcawte

    Hello Guys and possibly girls!

    As you may of noticed, I've been drifting a bit more inactive from wikia.. This is because of a few reasons:

    1. Major Reason. I've been given operator status in a busy channel unrelated to wikia. This also ties in with the fact that I've chosen to help out with a place for nerdy kids/adults, SHellium. They offer free shells (hosting with basically, just command line), I've been hosting my IRC bots off of there for a while now (thats why you always see BrickLinkBot in the IRC channel), and I've decided to apply to join the admin team, who manage the shells and users. I've been monitoring the channels there (#shellium and the admin channe, #shellium-dev), and really, who am I kidding, I dont have time to be as activ…
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  • Lcawte

    So, as you may of read.. or seen, I was apparently leaving, and hated Brickipedia. Lies! All Lies I tell you!!

    Ok, so I'm not really leaving Brickipedia.. and my line in the shoutbox:

    • [10:53] Hope your All HAppy?! Ajr Forgod sake Darn J00

    There was a code hidden in that, lets give you the answer, HAHA April Fools Day Joke. The code was the capitals, and to through you off more, the last 4 letters were an abbreviation.

    Also, something else you may have spotted. , yeah, well that was me.. just incase I really needed to edit or revert some vandalism.

    An April Fools Day Roundup
    • Main page. April Fools Day Joke, so apparently, we are a wiki all about MEGA Blok's.. Clicking any of the links for the Featured Article or anything, would take you to an image sp…

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