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Lego lord Lego lord 16 December 2011

Guess what my precious?

Let's cut to the chase: LOTR is coming!

For those who guessed right. I created the LEGO Batman 2 rumors and photos. Sorry. I bet they well make it sometime anyways. So I downloaded the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean PC Demo today... sigh... my computer is stupid... it didn't even load.... lol whatever. Anyways a while back I viewed secret information about LEGO Harry Potter by decoding the Batman.exe files. It was included within the .exe code. However the Batman game crashed. I found out before anybody else that LEGO Harry Potter would include a "spell select", "invisibility cloak", "wingardian leviosa", etc. I shared my secrets to Brickipedia once I found out. You can view it on the Harry Potter video game page's old revisions. So today I …

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Lego lord Lego lord 25 September 2011

Lego lord leaving - (yes, it's true)

Yes, I am leaving from this wiki now. I may come back now and again, but doubtfully. I'm busy with more important things. I'd like to apologize to anyone that my supposed actions have led to the "destruction of the wiki". I am leaving because this wiki is so unstable, half of the admins make this a strict wiki while the other half make it loose. I realized that after BobaFett2 unblocked me because people complained, that is not how it should be done. I'd like to say that is pretty humorous that as soon as I became inactive the community started making changes to the wiki that I suggested over the last year. BobaFett2 protested against every one of my ideas although now people are taking action of similar ideas. Gladiatoring may return as …

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Lego lord Lego lord 7 May 2011

LEGO Batman 2?


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Lego lord Lego lord 12 April 2011


Guys, just so you all know, I am not trying to destroy this wiki, I simply only want to help it out, although in doing so, I haven't exactly explained everything very very well. I am terrible at explaining things on the internet, I can't speak in person here, which is far more easy for me, but that's very unlikely to happen. I admit that I have made quite a few mistakes; I have made so many users leave because of me. I am writing this on a blog post so it would be easier to comment.

Okay guys, one thing I'd like to see is the change of our activity. At least a third of Bickipedia's activity is now on blogs: posting, commenting, and more. It makes blogs boring if they are repetitive and/or short. Blogs may be fun, but not when they repeat and r…

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Lego lord Lego lord 4 April 2011

Borders book store closing

The Borders book store is closing, most of their items (including LEGO) are now 20-40% off of their original price. I found the Toy Story set, 7593 Buzz's Star Command Spaceship for US $19.99. If you don't believe me look at the gallery below, sorry if they seem blurry, I took the photographs from my phone.

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