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Let's cut to the chase: LOTR is coming!

For those who guessed right. I created the LEGO Batman 2 rumors and photos. Sorry. I bet they well make it sometime anyways. So I downloaded the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean PC Demo today... sigh... my computer is stupid... it didn't even load.... lol whatever. Anyways a while back I viewed secret information about LEGO Harry Potter by decoding the Batman.exe files. It was included within the .exe code. However the Batman game crashed. I found out before anybody else that LEGO Harry Potter would include a "spell select", "invisibility cloak", "wingardian leviosa", etc. I shared my secrets to Brickipedia once I found out. You can view it on the Harry Potter video game page's old revisions. So today I took a look at the .exe source code for the LEGO Pirates DEMO, and guess what I found my precious? The key words "LOTR" next to "Ring" along with "LOTR Project since 2009". They've must of been working on this game for some time. And no, I'm not kidding.

For those who don't believe me:

Find out for yourself: Download demo here. Then launch the properties of the demo shortcut, find target (open file location) and then open the .exe file with a word program. Press ctrl+F to search for keywords. Try "LOTR", and you will find it.

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