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Yes, I am leaving from this wiki now. I may come back now and again, but doubtfully. I'm busy with more important things. I'd like to apologize to anyone that my supposed actions have led to the "destruction of the wiki". I am leaving because this wiki is so unstable, half of the admins make this a strict wiki while the other half make it loose. I realized that after BobaFett2 unblocked me because people complained, that is not how it should be done. I'd like to say that is pretty humorous that as soon as I became inactive the community started making changes to the wiki that I suggested over the last year. BobaFett2 protested against every one of my ideas although now people are taking action of similar ideas. Gladiatoring may return as an admin if he wants; I don't want to be an online enemy. A majority of people here are hypocrites (not pointing fingers) as well as "emo". Good Bye. You may find me on the IRC (if it becomes active) though.


Now I probably will leave anyways, take a vote (but it wouldn't matter much):

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