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Guys, just so you all know, I am not trying to destroy this wiki, I simply only want to help it out, although in doing so, I haven't exactly explained everything very very well. I am terrible at explaining things on the internet, I can't speak in person here, which is far more easy for me, but that's very unlikely to happen. I admit that I have made quite a few mistakes; I have made so many users leave because of me. I am writing this on a blog post so it would be easier to comment.


Okay guys, one thing I'd like to see is the change of our activity. At least a third of Bickipedia's activity is now on blogs: posting, commenting, and more. It makes blogs boring if they are repetitive and/or short. Blogs may be fun, but not when they repeat and repeat about the same subject over and over again. When they are extremely short and meaningless like "Hi, i like lego okay!" it becomes irritating. This is not a command from me, It's just what I'd like to see.


I lack in being civil and polite which is what I am aiming to change, but it doesn't really help when people come back and make it worse than it already was. I like, no wait, love hearing everybody's opinions, and I now mean to stop my arguments and simply accept their view as being valid. Please, just be civil and polite and please, oh just please shut up about being correct all the time, . That is why I think that the rule of having to have at least 200 edits or over to write your opinion of how you think Brickipedia could be advanced is stupid, everybody should be able to tell what they think, should they not?

Biting the newcomers

Lately, I have been noticing users "biting" Brickipedia's newcomers. Let them tell their opinion and take it as being valid.

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