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Lego lord Lego lord 29 March 2011

Important notice:

We use Brickset images constantly. Recently the photographer of these images, Huw, told me that they are not to be used anywhere else except for Brickset. No wonder they don't want these images anywhere else without prior permission, we don't give them any credit whatsoever. Do we add a license to each individual image? No, we don't even do that. If we want to use these clear minifigure and set images we need to ask them first.

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Lego lord Lego lord 17 March 2011

Space Police 2009-10 Brickset images

This blog is not for me to credit myself for uploading pictures, but for other people to notice that they all have been uploaded and they can place them in Space Police 2009-10 articles.

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Lego lord Lego lord 8 March 2011

Best Wikian LEGO Builder entry: Microscale alien invaders

This is my entry for Tatooine's Best Wikian LEGO Builder contest:

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Lego lord Lego lord 8 March 2011

The Lord of the Rings Shire

After studying many, many LEGO instructions over the past few years, I have made a The Lord of the Rings set of The Shire from The Fellowship of the Ring film. I do not intend for it to necessarily look good, but to make it look like a real LEGO product (you know how some sets don't look too great). I am going to buy the pieces that I need from Bricklink so that I can build the model in real life.

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Lego lord Lego lord 3 March 2011

Doomsday MOC

I created a new Alien space shuttle MOC that I call "Doomsday". You can view more pictures here. If you have a MOCpages account, follow the link and then rate and comment please. Thank you :)

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