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Lego lord Lego lord 1 March 2011


This blog is the predictions I have for future LEGO video games and licensed themes (this is based upon rumors, speculations, and my thoughts)

  • Once Jurassic Park IV is green-lit, LEGO will possibly renew their license with Jurassic Park. I can imagine the game would cover the first three films as well as the upcoming fourth. Jurassic Park is a large-budget Spielberg film series so this game is possible.
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Lego lord Lego lord 23 February 2011


This new Kre-O line from Hasbro is coming out with new Transformers building toys. Many of these pieces are very similar to LEGO's. Do you think LEGO is going to sue Hasbro for this?

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Lego lord Lego lord 17 February 2011

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game modding

It turns out that you can modify LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. Examples:

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Lego lord Lego lord 12 February 2011

Photo gallery

Well, I guess we can start replacing photos by using these new images I uploaded:

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Lego lord Lego lord 10 February 2011

Hobbit hole

I am continuing my Lord of the Ring The Shire "set" with a new Hobbit hole. The Hobbit hole is not complete, so at a future date I will most likely build this in reality and upload the photographs. If you may have noticed, there isn't a finished roof, interior, or chimney.

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