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Lego lord Lego lord 1 February 2011

The Shire

I am working on a Shire MOC "set" for a new The Lord of the Rings theme. I will make it include a Hobbit hole and a forest. I made it in physical form and the pictures of those will be coming soon.

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Lego lord Lego lord 25 January 2011

LEGO® Horse Anatomy

Yesterday my brother was examining a very disgusting and used LEGO horse, and suddenly the head became very loose. So, he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed it through a slit between the neck and body, making it drop the head off. We examined the inside together and did the same exact thing with the new horse.

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Lego lord Lego lord 23 January 2011

Face Stickers

I have been recently creating many stickers to apply to minifigure's torsos. Now I am giving all you some face stickers as well. However, they are still in the process of advantaging so they won't look too square, so as a result, they may look kind of odd when applied to the heads for now.

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Lego lord Lego lord 16 January 2011

LEGO City: The Video Game

About a year ago a kid at my home-school group was discussing about LEGO video games to me, and he said that he wanted a LEGO City video game, so I started up very long papers about it to partially interest him and to annoy him in the meantime. The models I made for it are great, but the description is just so dumb.

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Lego lord Lego lord 31 December 2010


Not long ago I have made stickers to customize your Minifigures by placing it onto the torso.

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