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Hi guys! I'm brand new as a user on Brickipedia, but I've been on Brickipedia for a while, reading and editing pages. I've played with Legos pretty much all my life, starting with DUPLO, then on to Harry Potter and Spider-man. Now I collect CITY sets, including the Green Grocer and Grand Emporium, the 2 biggest sets I've ever built. I've always been incredible at building Legos, so much that I built the first Hogwarts castle when I was only 4, and the next, even bigger one when I was only 5. I'm also pretty good at MOCs, and only a couple of months ago, I even built my own Lego drive-thru. I hope to edit and make as many Brickipedia pages as I can, and also get rid of as many spammers as I can. Bye!

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