Master Spectra Master Spectra 9 December 2013

What's in your load?

As we all know the first 2014 LEGO sets have started to appear, and will continue with more themes in bulk, January up until April . Usually I make 2 to 4 visits to My Lego store. Unfortunately for me I recently lost my wallet and some lucky duck made if off with 300 dollars. Still when I have the money to Ill be looking for the 2014 Star Wars sets, as well as a few Super hero's sets, And any friends set where I can get the cookies. Anyways, What sets will YOU be looking for? Share with the rest of us.

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Master Spectra Master Spectra 26 October 2013


Sort of stole the title but I couldn't think of any other way to express my shock.

Man oh man that is bad, (The wings look okay)

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Master Spectra Master Spectra 28 June 2013

Brickipeda Apocalypse

Ok, so if there are any users left I think it should be put into consideration that if all the admins and what ever are leaving we need more users that can rule with an iron fist. If there are people out there that still care about the wiki then stay and to the jobs that others failed at . If not then the wiki can implode and Ill continue with Dragon Ball wiki.

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Master Spectra Master Spectra 5 November 2012

Theme by Theme, Book by Book,Set by Set.....

Dear People,

I have been farting around the Stop-Motion world of Youtube and have seen a video called "meeting of the heros" by Keshen8, now what is the significance? well as this was made in 2009 some of the characters were not yet made into official LEGO minifigures, one of them was a wolverine, i thought to myself that the wolverine had a custom torso, it turns out that it is a real official LEGO minifigure torso, and i had no idea, and it was from a un-popular licened theme, "Speed Racer" and i checked the "Speed Racer" theme and zip.. all class four articles and this is common, lots of themes, mostly old ones that need a touch up. Now my motive is that in the mean time before 2013, we can go back to as many low class pages and improve…

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Master Spectra Master Spectra 30 October 2012


LEGO THE HOBBIT As we all know in 2013 a prequel to all three Lord of The Rings films, and the LEGO theme of it. SO The official LEGO channel on Youtube has added four of the 2013 The Hobbit sets 79000, AND , and here they are! if any other Hobbit sets appear on the channel ill add them here, in the mean time check the channel.

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