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Once upon a time...

I went to a random store that sells Lego sets, I saw the new Series 19 of Minifigures, and saw this cool minifigure on the cover, it looked like a Monkey emperor. So me and my brother, Nmnkae bought six packs on Minifigures from Series 19. We got Dog Walker, Video Gamer, Mummy, Pet owner, and two Intergalactic Bounty Hunters (which I thought all of them were cool except the Dog Walker) from the bags. I was triggered that I didn't get that awesome looking Monkey emperor.

A few months later, when people went into quarantine, I found out about the upcoming theme, Monkie Kid. I thought it was cool and looked at all of the leaks. But just today did I get this information from the poster. So there was this poster for Monkie Kid: A Hero is Born, and on the top, it shows someone looking a lot like that monkey. So I looked at Series 19 Minifigures just a few minutes ago, and saw the monkey emperor guy. It turns out that I could have gotten the first Monkie Kid leaked minifigure ever. I WAS SO DANG TRIGGERED AT MYSELF SEEING AS HOW I GOT SIX BAGS OF RANDOM MINIFIGURES AND BY RANDOM LOOKS, WANTED THE MONKIE KID MINIFIGURE WHEN I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT!!!

Just wanted to say, sorry if anyone is bothered by this.

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