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Munchman14 Munchman14 12 August 2012

Contest Committee

Here you may sign up for the contest committee!

  • Jeyo
  • LSCStealthNinja
  • Munchman14

  • Contest 1: Space is the Place

  • This does not give you advantages in contests.
  • You may still participate in contests.
  • Members all help to decide the winner of each contest.
  • Will be decided by overall consensus.
  • Your acceptence will be determined by maturity, activity on the wiki, availability, and overall experience.
  • Acceptence will be determined by current members or the committee.
  • To enter, leave a short description of your time on the wiki and why you should be chosen for this title.
  • If your request is denied, feel free to try again a month later.
  • Currently for this first contest, we will only have 3 judges. Afterwards, however, we shall be taking more applications.

Good lu…

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Munchman14 Munchman14 12 August 2012

Contest 1: Space is the Place

Well, seeing that I have returned to the wiki, it's about time for the start of a new contest series! This month, your challenge is to create a custom model based on outer space! Here are the rules:

  • Have fun!
  • Don't steal ideas or pictures from others. We will check to make sure of this.
  • You may only submit one entry per contest.
  • While you may create your own custom minifigures, you must include an actual model as well.
  • You must show a picture of the model in the comments below to be entered.
  • Please don't do any harsh criticism of other user's models. You may give compliments and constructive criticism, however.
  • Models will be judged by members of the Contest Committee.
  • This contest will end on September 16, 2012, and results will be posted here th…
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Munchman14 Munchman14 25 September 2011

Contest Test - Minifigures

Starting up Munchman's contest series is none other than the minifigure!

  • Your job, as the reader, is to build you own custom minifigure, and show it to me in the comments section!
  • Contest will end October 31st, 2011.
  • One winner per contest.
  • Winner will recieve a special surprise!
  • Winner shall be judged by Munchman14 and members of the Munchman Contest Club (MCC).
  • You may use LDD.

So get building, and good luck!--Munchman14 01:44, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

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Munchman14 Munchman14 15 September 2011

2012 Mysteries

I've heard that LEGO's planning on making a DC and Marvel game. Has anyone else heard about this?

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Munchman14 Munchman14 12 September 2011

An awesome minifig

Just another minifig...

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