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  • NuffSaid

    Call to Order

    July 1, 2014 by NuffSaid

    As many of you may realize, I have returned. And hope to stay. Brickimedia has been facing severe downtime lately. But none of you have the right to hoot and holler about another member returning from brickimedia. Because seeing most of your activity are childish Unikitty fetishes and Ninjago fangirls. This is a message that if you really want to get back on track you might want to read the rest of this.

    I propose a new plan to help us gain more edits every day by placing strategic teams doing multiple jobs. And all are in tiers. Productive editors deal with the big stuff with new releases and news. They also touch up pages to get a class 2 format. Regular editors jobs will be to get most Class 4 articles to Class 3. Non-productive editors …

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  • NuffSaid

    Stayin' Alive!

    February 1, 2014 by NuffSaid

    Hey everyone, so I decided to stay on the wiki. But this time I'm actually contributing because we need the help. So, who else is staying?

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  • NuffSaid

    Clearing things up

    January 21, 2014 by NuffSaid

    I have my haters, I have my friends. But in the end, it's not my haters that matter. Both my friends and my haters take part in shaping me. But I can ignore these haters by showing them kindness. So, here I am. Apologizing, I keep my opinions on Sig-Figs and RPGs. And you can cry about it all you want. But don't expect a reaction from me anymore. I'm tired of dealing with these fools. I joined brickipedia to socialize with others that were my age and had my interests, as the year and few months roll by, you learn that there is more than just nice people, you get blocked, banned, get yelled at in caps and all their glory. But I learned to overcome them, I say I have changed. But I haven't, and that's fine. The choices I make are mine alone …

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  • NuffSaid

    Ode to trends.

    January 14, 2014 by NuffSaid

    Oh my gosh... What happened? All I see is RPGs, Sig-Figs, LDD Sig-Figs, Sig Fig contests, and sooo many trends. I personally believe this is absurd and all content in this blog is MY OPINION! I'm not going to take any credit for RPGs because it's not only irrelevant to the subject, nor the same for sig-figs. Because I know I didn't create them on here.

    The wiki is kinda full of trends... If you didn't notice, you may just be a great editor... Good for you! Now, I'm not saying these are bad but if we have 5+ people doing the exact same thing it's pretty annoying. I don't see why we can't have 1-2 of each but this is a community and the majority live in America so we do what we want. Now the more absurd fact is that some users even said "I on…

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  • NuffSaid

    News Blog Dec 31 - Jan 3

    January 2, 2014 by NuffSaid

    Summer 2014 sets, we have names and pictures!

    The Summer 2014 set names have been released also with a X-men set picture! This summer we will see Arctic CITY sets, A revival of Agents, and some very nice Star Wars sets


    • Arctic Snowmobile (60032) – 44 pcs – $7
    • Arctic Tracked Vehicle (60033) – 113 pcs – $15
    • Arctic Lift Helicopter (60034) – 262 pcs – $30
    • Arctic Research Station (60035) – 374 pcs – $40
    • Arctic Base Camp (60036) – 733 pcs – $100

    • Railway Station (60050) – 423 pcs – $50
    • High-Speed Passenger Train (60051) – 610 pcs – $120
    • Cargo Train (60052) – 888 pcs – $180

    • Caught in the Dungeon (70162) – $35
    • Toxikita Toxic Accident (70163) – $50
    • Sweeping Action Robber (70164) – $70
    • Ultra Agent Headquarters (701…

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