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DADDADADADADADADAAAAAA I just can't wait so a contest!!!!!

1. What was Nuff's first lego set? (hint: LEGO CITY POLICE SET.)

2 What was Nuff's most recent set? (hint: series 8 and guess who it is)

3 Nuff's Birthday is?

4 What is Nuff's favorite number? (hint: last 2 digits of a troll smashing hero's username)

5 What is my name? (hint: user page)

6 What is Nuff's favorite theme (clue: 2007)

7 What did Nuff do with a megablock figure? A.cut it up B. burn it or C. pee on it and flush it to fishy heaven. (only choose 1)

8 what is Nuff's favorite pizza A. cheese or B. pepperoni! (only choose 1)

9 who is my best friend on this wiki? (look at THE 25 MINIFIGS OF NUFFMAS :D blog)

10 Lastly. On my flickr which photo has the most favorites and link it in a comment

if you get all the questions right or majority your minifig will be posted as a before 25 minifigs of nuffmas figure!
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