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What's up my fellow brickheads! Poodabran is here with some ideas. This time, I'm here with some ideas for my favorite Lego City lineup called Great Vehicles. So without further to do, here you are! Enjoy!

City Bus - I always loved buses made by City. I'm surprised Lego hasn't slipped a City bus under its Great Vehicles line. Unfortunately, they only appear in mega sets and some standalone passenger transport related sets.

Heavy Wrecker - Another vehicle that I always felt Lego was good at was the tow truck. However, I'm hoping for another heavy wrecker for 2021. My hope is for something using the same shape as the wrecker that was included in the 2009 Garage set and using the Octan logo. Nod to the tow truck from the old Fast Track Finish anyone?

Hotdog Van - So far, Lego has made two food trucks for City. I would count the monster burger truck, but this about City sets. I love the food trucks and I think Lego has potential in this area. They should do a food truck ever year for City.

Sports Car - One of my wishes was for more civilian automobiles and so far, Lego has been great with that for its City lineup recently. Maybe something similar to that sports car from 60200 is possible.

F1 Race Car - Speed Champions is great at doing these. How about a more generic one that's a nod to the green f1 race car with the number 6 on the front? I actually owned that one.

Postal Van - The postal plane was good and all, but I think mail vans would do better when it comes to the great vehicles lineup. I'm thinking six stud wide this time though. Unlike the one we got in 2008.

Armored Truck - Re-release of the armored truck from 60198 anyone? This time, stand alone.

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