Power Jim Power Jim 30 January 2014

It was a blast while it lasted...

I didn't really want to make a blog about this and neither do I encourage others to do the same. Though, my time on this wiki, like many others has come to an end. It is now time to take one last bow. Throughout my close to 3 years on Brickipedia, I have watched many events and users come and go upon this wiki. Made many friends I thought were great to chat with and meet other LEGO fans across the world. I feel I grew from my editing, this community grow, and this wiki grow along with me. I can't really put in words how many people I want to thank and appreciate on Brickipedia, but I'm sure you know who you are.

I also feel I should give a hand to the admins current and gone for their work and support to me and Brickipedia. Even though some…

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Power Jim Power Jim 9 December 2013

Brickipedian Chrismas Advent!

Happy Greetings all from Jim and Czech, starting from the 10th of December (2 weeks from Christmas Eve). I'll be doing a Brickipedian advent featuring a daily welcoming and present from our most significant and friendly users of Brickipedia to celebrate the festive time of year!

Also, I'll take this moment to say at the end of the advent year I'll be transitioning almost completely to Brickimedia's site. To encourage others to also follow in moving there as well. As for now, I'll be active both here and Brickimedia to celebrate Christmas and the coming New Year!

(And yes, I noticed the typo mistake of the the blog's title, I can't fix it.)

  • 1 Day 1 (Dec. 10)
  • 2 Day 2 (Dec. 11)
  • 3 Day 3 (Dec. 12)
  • 4 Day 4 (Dec. 13)
  • 5 Day 5 (Dec. 14)
  • 6 Day 6 (Dec. 15)
  • 7 Day 7 (…

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Power Jim Power Jim 19 September 2012

News blog/19/9/12

Enjoy this week's Brickipedia News Blog:

  • In conclusion, I'd like to thank User:Omega X.23 for reporting on the 50th anniversary of LEGO Signapore and some of the 2013 rumours news.
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Power Jim Power Jim 20 August 2012

F12: Custom Cadets

  • 1 Primary Objective
  • 2 Ranks
    • 2.1 Rank Insignia
  • 3 Signing Up/Reporting
  • 4 Members

Our object is to create good customs, to complete custom infoboxes, and give lessons out to to build a certain style. This is not the place to point out how good your customs are.

Uniform Colour:
Blog facilitator ()- Cadet Officer
130 points - Prime Minister 95 points, with at least one Featured Custom- Supreme General
70 points- General
55 points- Lieutenant
35 points- Commander
20 points- Captain
10 points- Officer
5 points- Senior Brigade
3 points- Junior Brigade
1 point- Custom Cadet 0 points- Shoe-shiner

Squares are given out for the amount of customs you have made, and what class they are by the QCC (Quality Custom Controllers).

- Awarded for 2 Featured Custom. Value: 25 point…

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Power Jim Power Jim 9 January 2012

Moc/Customs poll!

Hello everyone, lately I've been brainstorming many Customs I want to build on LDD. Similar to my Custom:Seatron Mocs, which I've done lately. Anyway, due to the ammount of ideas I've been coming up with I thought I might make it fun for all of you to have a voting poll on what you would like to see me create next...

Idea 1: Bot-Brawlers it is a custom theme I thought a while ago. However, I'm still planning things for it, but the theme will likely be a mix between Exo-Force, World Racers and the Mad Max trilogy. So basicly the background being giant exo-machines fighting eachother in a post-apocolyptic world.

Idea 2: Power Miners:Icy Resurrection, incase you don't know, I'm a fan of Underground Lego themes. So, I'm deciding to make an Ice su…

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