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Per Nuff and Klag's blogs. (User blog:NuffSaid/Concerning the wiki., User blog:Klagoer/Falling...) This wiki is falling, everyone is arguing and fighting and not focusing on helping the community. Its like we smashed in with a wrecking ball that Hannah Montana was swinging on (music video reference). And worse, we dont have the incredibly awesome Meiko to save us. Brickipedia has falling, like Irnakk lost the battle between him and Lord Goblin. Alright ebough with the puns, because we need to be serious. Most editing I see is on custom pages nowadays. Brickipedia probably has made some other wiki's bad influence. Soon, the whole community might fall. So lets be like Irnakk and go on a quest that will repair the wiki. I dont care if this blog is pointless or not. We need to save the community. This wiki used to be in perfect shape, then everyone started arguing. I think that if ANYONE trys to be mean or anything, dont try and argue. That will just basically destroy Brickipedia. So we can repair this wiki. Im talking to you! Come help the wiki. If you dont argue and edit just fine, then keep doing what your doing!

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