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Shiva Kuzunasee

  • I live in the yellow submarine
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is a creative one
  • I am a freak
  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    heya brickipedians. shiva's speaking. does anyone of you remember my customs? so, yeah, i just thought and decided, that i'm gonna be looking for the students, whom i can tell how to write really interesting and good-looking students. and then, there's gonna be a contest in customs

    so, leave a comment below, if you want to take part

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  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    So, Captain Roger couldn't catch the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow and was defeated by him! Our congratulations, Jack! You're in the next stage of the Tournament!

    Now, we have two other combatants here! Both of them are very experienced agents. Both of them defeated very powerful villain. Both of them are cool, and look even cooler, when they are wearing sunglasses! I always wanted that day to come, y'know… The day, I witness the battle between Agent Chase and Dash Justice!

    Roger, roger!

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  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    The second battle was over so quickly! Batman taught Tony Stark a lesson about being egoistic, and nobody even voted for Iron Man! So we have a second bat-winner!

    Meanwhile, legendary pirate Captain Redbeard walks onto the Arena and sees…

    — Jack Sparrow! — he shouts angrily. Jack smiles.

    — Captain Jack Sparrow, my friend! — he answers, starting another Arena Battle.


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  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    So, the first Arena Battle is over, and our first winner is Lloyd! Our congratulations to the Green Ninja, because he is going to take part in the next stage of Tournament!

    Now, we have two other combatants here! Both of them are very rich super heroes, probably the richest among others from their universes! However, one of them always hides his alter ego, while another one is really show off. That's what they're arguing about right now and… yes, they start fighting in the Arena Battle.

    Let the battle begin!

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  • Shiva Kuzunasee

    Heya, Brickipedians!

    This is the beginning of the first Brickipedia event, Battle Arena! Here two characters battle and you vote for characters, whom you consider the best! The one, who gets more votes, wins the battle and proceeds to the next stage of the Arena Tournament!

    Here's the list of fighters of the First Tournament:

    • Lloyd, the Green Ninja!
    • Emmet, one of the greatest Master Builders!
    • Batman, the BATtest hero!
    • Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark!
    • Chase McCain, the best police officer of LEGO City!
    • Bad Cop or Good Cop?
    • Captain Redbeard, the legendary pirate!
    • Jestro, the evil guy!
    • Jack Sparrow, no, Captain Jack Sparrow!
    • White Knight, the best Lion knight!
    • Agent Chase, the coolest agent!
    • Dash Justice, the one, who fought with Ogel!

    Our first battle wi…

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