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  • Soupperson1

    Girl Power Sets:Thoughts

    November 14, 2013 by Soupperson1

    In the past week we've got pictures of the Disney Princess+Friends sets:

    Yay strawberry pieces!

    Red apples are super rare, so it's nice to have them back!

    I adore the little garden it's adorable. The stand is nice, it looks she's selling jam and marmalade. There's a jam sign printed piece. We get some of the Friends over used pieces: the pink flower, cash register and 100 dollar bill. I love the dogs kennel it's great to see the Dalmatian back. Nice tractor as well. Seems Olivia's been fixing it.

    Olivia has Maya's torso and Emma's legs so nothing new about the mini doll. ;(

    Cookies! Cute, Mia new torso! Epic newbike mould along with a magenta helmet. Nice accessories as always.

    A golden binocluar piece! Yay!

    Her lifeguard post is cute! Love the …

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  • Soupperson1

    Boup Wedding & Sig Figz

    October 29, 2013 by Soupperson1

    I just realized me and bug never got married :P. Until NOW!

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  • Soupperson1

    I persume everyones notice Lego's lack in ethnic groups. Which needs to change.

    Alot of brands these days have been atempting it to make it friendly for all ethnic groups: Disney pratically with their Princess line which has now 3 non white princesses. Jasmine in most toys has a light brown skin rather then dark peach. Disney has also ethnicfied with sevreal of their other brands e.g. Doc Mc Stuffins is an african american lead on disney junior.

    Nintendo has alot of ethnic characters in Pokémon X and Y. Samus's boyfriend is an african american.

    DC and Marvel have got alot more ethnic characters like Katana, Shang-Chi, John Stewart, Vixen, Falcon.

    There is no lack in cacasian figures. Since 2004 I say weve got at least 300. Bruce Wayne, Han Solo…

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  • Soupperson1

    Blobby origins!

    August 22, 2013 by Soupperson1

    Rumoured origin of Blobby:

    Lily jumped out of Soup 20 minutes before her twin brother CM4S. Lily dyed her brothers hair black, with his permission. One day at the age of six, $annse stole Lily and brought her to a chemical plant and through her into a vat of chemicals. Lily turned pink and grew spots. Terified she stole one of her brothers time travellers and went back 20 years ago and took the name as "mr. blobby".

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  • Soupperson1

    Beach sig figs

    August 14, 2013 by Soupperson1

    I wanted to make sig figs ages ago, but never got around to it. But now I finally have a sig fig blog complete with summer theme, and were classic yellow.

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