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Stormbringer Empire791

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  • I live in Mordor
  • My occupation is to seek the Holy Grail.
  • I am Billy Mays
  • Stormbringer Empire791

    I'm building a LEGO Discord. I will post parts of him as I build.

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  • Stormbringer Empire791

    Ok. I'm making a Chima fan fiction story. The main character is Crawley, and, being the other "henchman", Crug is Crawley's best friend. Crawley has his vehicle, the Reptile Gripper. (I call it the Claw Ripper by it's prototype name because it sounds cooler/more unique. I also call Cragger's Command Ship by it's original name, Cragger's Croc-Boat Headquarters, for the same reason.) Anyway, Crawley has his vehicle, but what about Crug? Crug should have a vehicle. (Preferably about the same size or slightly smaller than Crawley's vehicle)

    So, here's my task for you: Make a vehicle for Crug.

    • No stealing for other users, official LEGO models, blah, blah, blah. That should be obvious. Be original.
    • Try to make the character with Crug,…

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  • Stormbringer Empire791

    This is a new series that I'm going to start. I'm going to try and make minifigures of the characters as I go along. The idea of this series is that I will write a bit of a story about every 1-2 days, and give you a multiple choice answer on what the character should do next. Then I will count up which choice got the most points, and add the next part, in which I will say what happens next depending on the winning answer. Be sure to check back at this blog to see the next installment. Each installment will be numbered, so make sure that you put a number to your vote. For example, a valid vote would be "3-B" 3 being "part 3" and B being "choice B". If you do not give the installment number, the vote will not count. Remember, the most importa…

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  • Stormbringer Empire791

    Another day, another blog.

    Well, for a while I've been wanting to build Pre-Mutation versions of the Barraki (Or post-cure, if that's what you prefer, but Carapar died before he could be cured). Anyway, I thought the first priority was to figure out what masks to use. When asking for opinions on the chat earlier, some people said that they pictured the Barraki to be organic. I find that take interesting, and is something that deserves to be explored by another builder (Maybe one of you guys?). But remember, this is my envisionment. All I ask right now is what you think of my mask choice, and your suggestions if you think one of them doesn't look right.

    If you want to know their names, here they are from left to right: Mantax (Black), Pridak (…

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  • Stormbringer Empire791

    Well, I was invited to this MOCpages contest, and the idea is to make something that symbolizes Brickipedia. So, I thought, what represents Brickipedia more than it's users interacting with each other? So that's what I'll do. A representation of people on the wiki chat. I'd like to use actual user's sig-figs, so I will be making some custom sig-figs, just like Nuff and DH! Hooray! :D I'll start with 6 people, and continue from there if I can. Provide a link to an image of your sig-fig for me to base it off of. Even though the signup is numbered, I won't be doing this in any order. Here's the signup-

    • 1- Henry
    • 2- Neo
    • 3- Bug
    • 4- CM4S
    • 5- Tarkairadan
    • 6- Czech

    Please don't complain about your sig-fig, I try my best. Remember, I'm a BIONICLE builder, I ne…

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