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Note: the final minifigures may be posted exclusively on the new brickipedia. Jay

  • Darth Henry:

When I started building, I last lost my two most important pieces, a red lightsaber blade (the only ones I had were from Toa Matoro 2008) and a hood. I decided to buy a set with a raven and his red-bladed sword, and some new torso/armor choices, but then I found someone with a spare hood that he was willing to trade. And voila!

  • Awesomeknight1234:

The first fig I built. I added light blue to make it look different. I didn’t know that he preferred nougat skin color when I built it, but hopefully the use of the face he personally uses will make up for it.

  • Stormbringer Pony Empire791:

The idea for this fig came when I absentmindedly stuck two guns onto an armor piece for safekeeping, with the brown hair I was to use for Storm—and inspiration struck.

  • Irnakk:

They only one with skin color, by request. I do not have a sufficient beard variety, and my first design had Frodo’s hair on Gandalf’s beard. I later replaced this with a helmet, and it looked decent. As Gandalf would say, shall it pass?

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