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I say this a lot, so I might as well have something to link to.

This rant is essentially an extension of Berry's epic rant.

I have been hearing a lot of whining from various users (I'm not going to name them here, but some of you know who I'm talking about) because other users "stole" their images. And there are some who make templates and other things, and other people use them "without my permission". Meanwhile, and this is what drove me to make this blog, other users publicly state that they are the only people allowed to use these images/templates/whatever.

I have the following things to say to you.

  1. More than likely, you are taking the image/template/whatever from someone else without your permission. Say you're uploading an image of a character from a new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes teaser. The thing you're taking an image of was created by TT Games and The LEGO Group. If you tell someone that they can't use your image, then by that argument, someone from TT Games could get your image deleted because you used their content without permission. Same thing goes for most templates, you probably created it by copypasting HTML someone else made and customized it to fit yourself. That's what I do.
  2. By creating it and uploading it to Wikia, you're allowing anyone to use it. Every time you create or edit a page, there's a handy little link on the right, that leads you to this page, which in turn leads you to this page. This license -- the Attribution Share-Alike license -- says that anyone can use your content. If you're worried about your work being unnoticed, never fear, your name is now permanently in the upload logs for a picture, or the revision history for editing pages. That's all the rights to someone you made you ever get. If you have a problem with it, then don't upload it to Wikia.
  3. -- I might have a third point here. I can't remember it at the moment.

In short, and to put it bluntly, shut your mouths about your exclusive "rights" to content, when it's not even your content 90% of the time (and that 90% of content is the only thing that most people would want to use anyway) and you're allowing anyone to use it, even without knowing it.

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