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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Random Thought

Everyone here is changing their avatar back to the plain silhouette. Not me. I have decided to rip out my avatar altogether.

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Semi-active or inactive

Due to some family issues, I will begin semi-activity this week (and will probably be completely inactive by the weekend). I hope to be back at the weekend. In the meantime,I hope the move goes well and that I'll see you all, and please answer these polls (it's for some customs):

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Semi-inactivity and stuff

Hai guys.

So, firstly, I'd like to thank all of you who said you would support me becoming admin. I'll put the request up when I stop procrastinating.

Secondly, I need to say that I'll won't be as active this week and the next. Busy stuff going on.

Last time I put up an inactivity post, I added a random post which I used to decide on what to do for a MOC (it never materialized.) I'm not sure what to do now, so if you could vote on one the things below, and it will make sense for me, but not for you.

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Ninjago 2014 Images, part 2

Yay, new set images. And guess what, THEY ALL HAVE PURPLE!

"Air Breaks". Seriously? I thought "Kai Fighter" was bad.

So, Cole is running around on foot because he's he's trying to be a buff man, and he suddenly breaks wind. This causes A Nindroid ship above him to fall to the ground, and makes him lose his headscarf. They fight.

This is apparently the cheap stuff set of the year. Fortunately, it also has the mask with the best uses. And a magic saw blade on a chain. Oh, and a REAL Saw blade! In SILVER!

I'm probably going to get this.

So, Zane with ripped face. It kinda makes sense that it's the same part that got ripped off by the Great Devourer, the tape would be unstable. There's a new character with grey hair. Zane's girlfriend maybe?

...in t…

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Builder's Log 2

Wow… I didn’t expect to have so many requests for Minifigures. So far, I have:

  • Awesomeknight1234 (complete. He is already excited about his figure.)
  • Brickfilmnut (complete)
  • Hunterkiller1440 (complete)
  • Agent Charge (complete)
  • Sibo2808 (almost complete, my favorite fig so far.)
  • Irnakk (almost complete)
  • Darth Henry (in progress)
  • StormbringerEmpire791
  • LazerzSoH
  • Soupperson1
  • Bioniclezilla76

You can request a minifigure in the comments below. Requests will end on Friday, February 15, and I hope to start uploading on February 19.

Now, as in my other Builder’s Log (which I don’t think anyone read, but I was pretty much unknown back then so that’s fine) I’d like to talk some about my custom models. My Alien Walkers, which I talked about back in January, are comp…

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