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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

More Custom Brickipedians!

Well, the name says it all. I’m starting to make my own custom Brickipedians!

There are a few I may make without requests, but you can also request a minifigure below, which I will make unless I find a specific reason not to, in which case I will tell you.

In case you haven't seen, what I am doing is making minifigure versions of the Brickipedians on this wiki.

Requests end on February 15.

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

Ninjago 2014 Images

This is what I'm assuming.

Zane's dad was lonely, so he made some other robots to go and find him. The Ninja, naturally, assumed they were a new threat and started fighting them. Then the summer heat wave came, and the ninja decided to only wear part of their masks.

Ninjago has gone a far way from its quaint origins in 2011. That was were it actually made a bit of sense and had a place in time. That was when they were actually Ninja. Then Sensei Wu revealed that his father invented the wheel and the internal combustion engine and things got messed up. At least the Ninja don't do drugs yet.

Cole has stolen Kai's mech and turned it black. How I wish for the Exo-Force sets were Click Ball Joints were plentiful. Wait, do I see dark brown Ball-join…

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

...and Interactive Story blogs make a comeback!

Let's see if these are still interesting.

You wake up inside a black room. You see nothing -- except for four places where light is let in. These locations show the locations of four doors. From above, a voice says, "Here is your choice, minifigure. You must choose one of these four doors, and determine your destiny."

You slowly walk up and peer through the windows in each door. Starting with the one closest to the left, you see the surface of a planet, covered by rockets and lunar bases. Looking through the next door, you see a stone fortress, built inside of a great forest. The third door reveals a glimpse of another fortress, blasted by cannonballs, with a black-masted ship docked nearby. The fourth and final door shows you A police stati…

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014

A few last words

So, recently, Berrybrick got blocked from Wikia for a bit, for making changes to the CSS. It was a pretty critical and easy to notice change. So then Wikia, fearing for its own safety, cancels EVERY administrator's account, for fear of vandalism.

Seriously. That was a stupid move.

I can understand Wikia wanting to keep itself safe from vandalism, but this was taking it waaaaaay too far. If something does happen, can't they just revert it and de-sysop the culprit, rather than taking away the rights of people that could have helped this wiki here. I was honestly planning on staying to help out here until that happened. I honestly didn't hate Wikia 24 hours ago. Now I realized again what I realized during the first move - this wiki is in a stat…

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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014


Hello everyone. I've been considering putting in a request for adminship for some time, and have even got messages from other users asking if I wanted to run for admin.

So, like ToaMeiko before me, I'd like to ask:

Would you support me if I ran for administrator now?

If not, then why?

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