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Stormjay Rider Stormjay Rider 19 February 2014


So, about this time last year, the Mayans predicted the apocalypse or "time of change", and everyone was hyped up about it. December 21st came, and no catastrophe happened. The following day, I showed up.

Today marks my first Brickiversary. Over the course of the past year, I've made 5,500 edits (1 in 5 is mainspace), reverted vandalism and sic'd admins on the vandals, got patroller, rollbacker and CQM rights, got involved with some drama between users, and was momentarily an idiot. I've had a pretty fun experience here, and more importantly, figured out what sets I wanted before they were released. Brickipedia also led me to the CUUSOO wiki, which in turn led me to MOCpages, so I probably wouldn't be on either of those places without comin…

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