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I stopped by a couple days ago to see what was going on, and I saw comment after comment of overreaction about Meiko. So now I'm gonna share mine. :D

Meiko went on his test wiki, aware of the ToU, and broke it right there in front of a bunch of people's faces. He removed ads and whitelisted it, which is against the rules. Now, people have been saying "it was a test wiki! It doesn't matter!" but in reality it's still a wiki that was visited by a few people every once in a while. So, he broke the ToU. And with the previous violations, a global block was needed. And to those saying "he was so vital to Brickipedia!" I say, it doesn't matter, he knew better than to break Wikia's clear rules. In the end, a ToU is a ToU, and if you break it, you get punished. And that's what happened.

So I really don't see why all of this is going on.

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