Brickipedia and the other Fandom Brick Communities are holding a MOC contest. The winner will be awarded a $15 gift card.

The Objective: Pick out one of your favorite Minifigures and design a habitat for it. Habitat builds have a distinct size and shape, however, it is up to you to determine where your figure lives



  • Maximum of two entries per person.
  • You can only use one Minifigure per design.
  • While the Minifigure doesn’t have to be an official design if it is a licensed figure it must come from a license that LEGO has held.
  • There is no maximum amount of parts that can be used, but the sizing of the template must be kept
  • Non-LEGO parts are prohibited.
  • Entires may use programs such as, LDraw, and LEGO Digital Designer.

Process: The entry period will open at 10 AM ET on June 13th and will run until 10 AM ET on July 1st. The contest will then be voted on a panel of judges made up of our server/ Wiki moderators. Entries will be judged on overall design, originality, and presentation.

Submit your entry either in the replies here or on the Discord Server. (