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My army is dedicated not to beating the others, but to edit.

For some advice, see here


The goal is to edit some less-developed areas of the site. These currently include;

  •'s online games and films
  • DUPLO articles
  • Creator, Bricks and More etc.
  • Ameet books - 2 3 Ninjago BIONICLE - The books are in Polish, though the site is in English :) - Please only do the LEGO ones, and not the Disney ones though :P
  • Adding categories to images
  • DUPLO figures
  • Microfigures
  • Inventories
  • FreeStyle


As you complete tasks, your rank in the branch of your choice will increase. With each promotion comes a new insignia, and each branch will have its own insignia. If you get to the second-to-last rank, e.g. General, you can choose to start again in another force and collect both ranks and insignia.

The ranks of Field Marshal, Air Chief Marshal and Admiral will only be handed out in specific circumstances.

Editing Army
  • Private (Pte)
  • Rank 1 Lance corporal (L/Cpl)
  • Rank 2 Corporal (Cpl)
  • Rank3 Sergeant (Sgt)
  • Rank4 Warrant Officer
  • Rank5 Lieutenant (Lt)
  • 3yellowstipes Captain (Cpt)
  • Major Major (Maj)
  • ----------Col Colonel (Col)
  • Brig Brigadier
  • ----------General5 General (Gen)
  • 5staryellow Field Marshal
Editing Air Force
  • Aircraftman (AC(W))
  • AFr1 Senior Aircraftman (SAC(W))
  • AFr2 Chief Technician (CT)
  • AFr3 Flight Sergeant (FS)
  • AFr4 Pilot Officer (Plt Off)
  • Afr5 Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)
  • 3bluestripes Squadron Leader (Sqn Ld)
  • Star1blue Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)
  • ----------2starblue Group Captain (Gp Cpt)
  • Bluestar3 Air Commodore (Air Cdre)
  • ----------Admiral Air Marshal (AM)
  • 5starblueAir Chief Marshal (ACM)

Editing Navy
  • Ordinary Seaman (ORD)
  • Nr1 Able Seaman (AB)
  • Nr2 Petty Officer (PO)
  • Nr3 Warrant Officer (WO)
  • Greyrank1 Midshipman (Mid)
  • Nr5 Lieutenant (Lt)
  • 3greystipes Commander (Cdr)
  • Star1grey Captain (Capt)
  • ----------2starygrey Commodore (Cdre)
  • 3greystar Rear Admiral (RAdm)
  • ----------General Vice Admiral (VAdm)
  • 5stargreyAdmiral (Adm)

Honorary ranks

Honorary ranks are available for those who have not signed up, but continue to make important contributions to the wiki. To recommend a Brickipedian for an honorary rank, leave a comment below or a message here.

  • All ranks can be issued as honorary, including Field Marshal, Air Chief Marshal and Admiral.

Note: Don't lie about being a real world rank. I could make a big rant here (like I did, but removed) on how stupid it is, but I'll save that until someone claims they are Field Marshal of the British Army or something ridiculous...

Special ranks

Special ranks can be earned for showing dedication to editing Brickipedia and for skills used.


Medals will be given out on either the recommendation of a fellow user, or by the Commander-in-Chief. Each medal is designed for a specific purpose. To recommend a member of the Editing Armed Forces for a medal, leave a comment below or a message here.

  • Book-worm medal - For significant work on articles about books. Bookwormmedal
  • Artist medal - For significant work on files. Imagemedal
  • Community medal - For helping, working with, and bringing on other user(s). Community medal copy


  • Leave a comment to join

Air Force
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