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Vacation and leisure is a recurring subject featured in Town and City as well as other related themes and subthemes, but was never a proper theme itself. This subject sometimes intersects with food and drink, houses or sports-related sets.


Apart from classic action-packed town-subjects such as Police or Firefighters, LEGO also portrayed the more relaxed and lighter sides of townlife. The first Town set remotely related to recreation was 6390 Main Street from 1980, which included (the construction site of) a hotel. In the following years LEGO started to extend the Town theme with sets of houses which mostly happened to be holiday homes as indicated by their names. The first of these sets was 6365 Summer Cottage, released in 1981. Another holiday home followed in 1983, accompanied by the release of a camper in 1984. More houses and recreational vehicles were released over the course of the following years.

In 1992, LEGO introduced a new playtheme that was specifically targetted towards girls, Paradisa. Paradisa sets were mainly focussed on leisure and vacation, often depicting scenes at the beach and including various vacation sites, such as 6416 Poolside Paradise, 6418 Country Club or 6414 Dolphin Point. While Paradisa continued to run until 1997. LEGO Town ceased to include any proper leisure-themed sets after the release of 6552 Rocky River Retreat in 1993 and started to focus more on Police, Firefighters or construction sites.

New sets related to vacation and leisure did not appear until the advent of the new City line in 2004.

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