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"Vhat a lovely day!"
―Vampire Bat

The Vampire Bat is a Minifigures minifigure released in 2012.


The Vampire Bat reuses two parts from the Monster Fighters Manbat - the ear and hairpiece headgear, as well as the wing-arms. The headgear is black but printed grey inside the ears for fluff. His face is printed with more grey, which surrounds a large amount of his face, with red eyes and vampire-like teeth with fangs. The Vampire Bat's torso is black but continues the grey fluff idea, with a printed, muscular outlining. He uses the wing-arms, which were first used by the Manbats. Several small areas have grey parts, continuing the fluffy body. He has unprinted legs, and an unprinted back.

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“What a lovely day!”

The clever and stealthy Vampire Bat may be his monster master’s chief hench-bat, but he isn’t entirely thrilled by wicked schemes to eclipse the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness. After all, he might be one of the children of the night, but that doesn’t mean he wants to spend all his time there!

In fact, the Vampire Bat actually loves being out in the daylight. Sunny days at the beach are his idea of perfection (though he does get a lot of sand in his fur and it’s not easy to see through the glare when your eyes are so well-adapted to the dark). Now that there are a bunch of human monster-fighters trying to foil his master’s plans, he’s secretly rooting for them to win!




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