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Vangelis, also formerly known as the Skull Sorcerer, is a minifigure from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu released in 2020 and the main antagonist of the 13th season of LEGO Ninjago.


The foil bag version of the Skull Sorcerer lacks the wings of the version that appeared in sets.

The General Vangelis variant from 2022 reuses the hat-and-mask piece from the 2020 Skull Sorcerer, with the wings being attached to a new translucent pink armor piece. He comes with a new printed torso which she shares with the other Vengestone Generals: Aspheera, Harumi, the Mechanic, Mr. F, and Pythor. He also sports a translucent pink shoulder armor piece that he shares with all of the other generals except Harumi, and new legs that he shares with all the generals except Aspheera and Pythor. His new face print is similar to his 2020 version, but with purple eyes and a purple symbol on his forehead.


Vangelis was the king of Shintaro, ruler of the Sky Folk and their Ivory City, and father to Princess Vania. Having built his city’s fortunes with the export of Vengstone mined from the mountain, he sought to secure his power and their future. To that end, he sent out a summons that attracted Fungus the wizard, Plundar the thief, and Korgran the barbarian. Vangelis tasked this trio with recovering a powerful, dangerous artifact: the skull of the dark sorcerer Hazza D'ur.

When the adventurers returned with the Skull, Vangelis revealed that he did not wish to destroy it but wield it. Having gained firsthand knowledge of its evil, the trio objected, prompting Vangelis to open a trapdoor beneath them that dropped them into the depths of the mountain. With the power of the Skull, Vangelis reanimated skeletal Awaken Warriors to serve as his minions in his new guise as the Skull Sorcerer. Vangelis lived this double life of seemingly benevolent ruler and cruel tyrant for some years. Then, in preparation for Vania’s birthday, and at her request, he invited the heroic Ninja to visit Shintaro.

Master of the Mountain

Guided by Vania, the Ninja eventually traveled into the supposedly empty dungeons and discovered the tyrannical empire Vangelis had built. However, when Cole, Vania, and Wu reported the matter to Vangelis, he revealed himself as the mastermind. Opening his trapdoor yet again, he sought to rid himself of Wu and Cole. Vania refused to forsake her new friends, however, despite Vangelis' warning that she would cease to mean anything to him if she remained with them.

In order to protect his own position, Vangelis blamed Vania’s dragon Chompy for the "accident" and had it caged. Unbeknownst to him, his latest victims had survived their fall and met Fungus and his comrades, now also including the giant spider Adam. After hearing about Vangelis’ betrayal of these adventurers, Cole invited them to join him and his friends in seeking to escape the depths and bring Vangelis to justice.

Vangelis reanimated the skeleton of the dragon Grief-Bringer, in order to defeat the Ninja and reassert his domination of the Munce and Geckles.


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In "Ninjago City vs. Ninja", Vangelis is visited in his room in Shintaro by a Crystal Spider, which brings a new mask resembling the one he wore as the Skull Sorcerer. A masked messenger then communicates with him via a hologram and invites him to join the Council of the Crystal King. Given the chance to avenge himself on those who "wronged" him, Vangelis accepts and dons the mask. In "Kryptarium Prison Blues", Skylor informs the Ninja in Kryptarium Prison of Vangelis' escape.

In "The Fifth Villain", the Ninja-having learned of the council's existence-deduce that Vangelis and Pythor have joined the group; Fugi-Dove also informs them that Aspheera is a part of the group. In "The Council of the Crystal King", Lloyd-in disguise as the Mechanic-arrives at the council meeting to find the three in attendance along with Mr. F. Vangelis, being unfamiliar with the Mechanic, questions Lloyd's presence. When the messenger reveals that they are not the Crystal King but rather his representative, Vangelis notes that they sound like a servant; the messenger replies with a warning that Vangelis can be sent back to his prison, minus his new mask and wings. After Lloyd's true identity is exposed, Vangelis joins his fellow villains in attacking the Green Ninja, and looks on as the messenger reveals herself as Harumi to Lloyd just before he passes out.

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  • The name "Vangelis" is derived from the Greek word evangelos, which means "bringing good news".[1]