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"Would you like to make an appointment, or shall I summon the Micromanagers?"
―Velma Staplebot

Velma Staplebot is one of the characters in the 2014 film, The LEGO Movie. She is voiced by Kelly Lafferty.


Velma Staplebot wears light nougat pants with a bit of her metal plating showing underneath her hips. Her vest is yellow and patterned with white zig-zags and has a black belt with a gold-colored clip. At the top of her torso is a dark red ascot. Her head is pearl gray with red eyes, visible teeth, lipstick, and a microphone. Her hairpiece is a new mold; a "beehive" hair style.


In The LEGO Movie, Velma Staplebot is Lord Business' personal assistant at the Octan Office Tower. She tells Lord Business that Bad Cop/Good Cop has arrived. description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Would you like to make an appointment, or shall I summon the Micromanagers?”

The overbearing personal assistant to President Business, Velma Staplebot is responsible for keeping her boss’ schedule precisely in order, cancelling inconvenient appointments, and keeping pirates and other unauthorized visitors out of his office at the top of the Octan Tower.

But the mechanical Ms. Staplebot is no simple assistant. As one of President Business’s most loyal and trusted staff members, she is also one of the few (okay, maybe not so few) who knows his greatest secret: that he is really the evil Lord Business, out to control all the realms of the LEGO world!



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