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Vikings is a theme based on the ancient Scandinavian warriors commonly referred to by that name. It was introduced in 2005 and discontinued since 2007. In total, seven sets were released. The Vikings have helmets and many weapons. There are a lot of dragons and sea serpents to defeat. There are gem pieces, threads, sails, and even ropes.


Vikings was a filler range released in 2005 to fill the gap between the discontinuation of the Knights' Kingdom II line and the emergence of the Castle (2007) line. The theme had a simple format, with every set based around a storyline of a warrior or warriors battling an individual monster. It included some elements of Norse mythology, but the main reason for the success of the range was its breaching into a different culture in contrast with the more European based Castle Ranges that appeared before. Due to its popularity, the line avoided discontinuation for an extra year, meaning that it overlapped with the introduction of the Castle series.


In Relation to Mythology

In the Vikings line sets, most of the creatures come directly from Norse Mythology. The Fenris Wolf was one of the children of Loki, Norse god of mischief, as was the Midgard serpent. Wyverns were dragons with only two legs. The name Fafnir comes from a dragon that guarded a treasure hoard from his dwarfish brother. Ofnir is most likely a general name for "dragon".

New and exclusive pieces

Vikings introduced some new pieces, such as the battle axe blades, which later reappeared in Dwarves sets from Castle (2007). Another exclusive piece is the Viking helmet, which was only available in Vikings sets until 2011 when it were released on the Collectable Minifigures Viking. Those helmets also made use of new horn pieces, instead of reusing the ones already introduced in Islanders sets from 1994. Most minifigure heads used in the Vikings line had completely new faces.

Creature Construction

The creatures in this line were constructed in a BIONICLE-like style that contrasted with the minifigure Vikings that battled them. As a result, the sets feature many parts that were otherwise not seen outside of Bionicle.


  • Most of the sets were the inspiration of the Castle sets of 2007-2008. The sets share a common design and amount of minifigures. Almost each set was translated into a castle set.
  • The sets have the longest set names of all.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
7015 Box.jpg7015Viking Warrior challenges the Fenris Wolf76Viking Warrior$4.992005
7016 Box.jpg7016Viking Boat vs. Wyvern Dragon1122$10.00 / €5.992005
7017 Box.jpg7017Viking Catapult vs. Nidhogg Dragon225Viking Warriors$19.992005
Midgard Serpent.png7018Viking Ship challenges the Midgard Serpent585Viking King, Viking Warriors (5)$49.992005
N4349.jpg7019Viking Fortress against the Fafnir Dragon1019Viking (6)$69.992005
7020 Box.jpg7020Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon3127$29.992006
7021.jpg7021Viking Double Catapult vs. the Armored Ofnir Dragon5053$39.992006
Vikchess.jpgG577Vikings Chess Set17924$49.99 / €29.992006


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