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Violet Parr is a minifigure from The Incredibles Juniors line.


Violet Parr was the eldest child and only daughter of Mr. Incredible and Helen Parr, and older sister of Dash Parr and Jack-Jack. As a child of superheroes, she had superhuman powers herself; and could make herself partly or completely invisible or create a force field around herself/other things.


Violet's personality is literally that of a "shrinking violet". She stutters and is generally shy and withdrawing, down to her understated taste in clothing and shadowy hair style. Under extreme stress or uncertainty, her invisibility powers can even trigger subconsciously, causing her head and body to simply disappear.

As the oldest child, Violet often finds herself placed under stress and authority she doesn't want. But she has a curious and experimental nature to her, willing to explore her abilities and her world once she is freed from the family prohibitions about using her superpowers. She also has a sharp and observational sense of humor, and despite a strong sibling rivalry, she is strongly protective of her little brother Dash.

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