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The Visorak Minifigures appeared in the 2005 BIONICLE playsets. They appeared in four sets and had the ability to attach to special Visorak "web" pieces, which were essentially long green vines that connected two 1x1 studs.


The Visorak Minifigures are black and white, with the white portions having the ability to glow in the dark. The proportions of these colours vary depending on the variant, with different "breeds" of Visorak being coloured differently. The Visorak have four legs extending from the sides and downwards and two pincers in the front. The body has the general shape of a Visorak, with features, such as the eyes, being visible but difficult to distinguish. In the centre of the Visorak's body is a small hole through which a stud can fit. The Visorak also have an ability to attach to specialized Visorak web pieces


The Visorak are highly trained and ruthlessly efficient soldiers who can generate and fire Rhotuka spinners with the power to paralyze opponents (with each breed having its own unique spinner power). Their Hordika venom can mutate Toa into half-beasts and they can also produce webbing for a variety of uses.

The Visorak were led by the Visorak King, Sidorak, and his Viceroy, Roodaka; these two commanded the hordes in the name of the Brotherhood of Makuta. When Sidorak and Roodaka led the hordes to Metru Nui, the Visorak went about conquering the city. The Toa Metru returned to the city, but their recklessness led to their capture and they wer injected with the Visorak's venom, which mutated them into Toa Hordika. The Toa Hordika were able to escape and later achieve some victories against the hordes, but they only seemed to slow the Visorak's takeover.

The turning point came when Toa Vakama began to succumb to his feral side that the mutation unleashed. Playing on his frustration with the other Toa, Roodaka offered to make him commander of the hordes, and he accepted. Later, however, Matau was able to get Vakama to let go of his anger; Vakama rejoined the Toa in facing Roodaka and gave the hordes the order to disband. As Roodaka had betrayed their king - and because Vakama was officially still their commander - the Visorak quickly dispersed and went their separate ways.

Gallery of Variants

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