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Volcano Explorers is a City subtheme released in 2016.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
60120 US box.jpg60120Volcano Starter Set834$9.992016
LEGO City Volcano Exploration Truck.png60121Volcano Exploration Truck1752$24.992016
LEGO 60122 Box1 na 1488.png60122Volcano Crawler3243$39.99 / €29.992016
LEGO 60123 Box1 na 1488.png60123Volcano Supply Helicopter3303$49.99 / €49.992016
LEGO 60124 Box1 na 1488.png60124Volcano Exploration Base824Female Scientist, Volcano Explorer Iggy, Volcano Explorer, Volcano Explorer (Beard), Adventurer (x2)$119.99 / €99.992016
LEGO 60125 Box1 na 1488.png60125Volcano Heavy-lift Helicopter1277Volcano Explorer, Female Scientist, Female Volcano Worker, Volcano Adventurer (x2), Male Volcano Worker, Pilot, Volcano Explorer Iggy$149.99 / €129.992016

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A volcano is about to erupt on the edge of LEGO® City! A team of top scientists and volcano explorers have been dispatched to the scene with high-tech equipment, power drills and helicopters to survey the danger and save the City! Join the action – if you dare!